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Voulez Vous Glamour

Last summer I had the honor of having Tiana as an intern from OSU, where I graduated from.  I was excited to have her in the studio and guide her along with how I work.  We took some time during her internship to play with posing, lighting, wardrobe, post-processing, etc. The images of her in the silver dress are from the first week or so into her internship and the retro-inspired images are from her last week with me.  She picked these outfits from the collection at the studio.

I was also honored when Tiana ask if she could photograph me as part of her graduating portfolio.  She did a remarkable job and I am so proud of the portraits Tiana took of me.

I miss you Tiana! 😉

Voulez Vous BoudoirVoulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous BoudoirVoulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir

Beauty Portraits

Beauty, confidence, bubbly, and so smart, Brandi had me giggling through her photoshoot with stories of Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and teenagers.  These portraits were a gift to her husband for his birthday. Brandi! You are a doll! :)

A special thank you to Ashlee & Heather at Primp Salon in Tulsa for hair and makeup.
Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir Voulez Vous Boudoir

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Voulez Vous!  Dress (designed and created) and Beetlejuice makeup by Raegan Medeiros. I had a BLAST photographing these two!  They won an 80’s custom party too :)Raegan Happy Halloween Happy Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween


Sweet Magnolia

This was a personal project inspired by the very large magnolia tree in my back yard.  As I would quietly sit and reflect the sweet magnolia would fill the air in spring.  I would close my eyes and take a deep breathe wishing I could preserve that smell for hours.  As I opened my eyes again I noticed all the beautiful colors of leaves laying around my yard…there were so many.  I picked a few up to examine their beauty, torn, tattered, full of insect holes, but they were still so beautiful and I wanted to preserveand remember those colors forever.  I imaged a dress made of these leaves and began collecting bags of them.  I’m not a dress maker, but I do know how to use a hot glue gun :).  I decided I would need cotton fabric as well, so I could glue the leaves to the fabric.  I would take three leaves at a time and glue them together and as the skirt began to grow I would fill in the blank spots with more leaves.  This was a “prototype” as my son called it,  so I did not preserve the leaves, but will create a new new skirt next spring.  I worked two nights for a total of 8 hours to finish the skirt before the photoshoot.

Arriving for the shoot I did not have the top or the headpiece made and didn’t have time to see that part of my vision come to life.  So, compromise was in order.  Thanks to John Emery for his last minute artistic eye he wrapped a piece of fabric and leather rope around Kresta for that natural feel I wanted.  The sun was setting and I was feeling a bit rushed because I really did not want to use strobes for this image.  So, I cranked up my ISO and started to shoot.

In the rush of things I had forgotten the hoop for the skirt. I was so bummed, but OK, the show must go on.  During editing, I decided to play a bit and add some magic.  I added the clouds, a few textures, and some extra leaves :)  This is how I imagined that skirt to look, full, colorful, and elegantly worn. :)  I am so excited and looking forward to next summer when I can create a long-lasting couture gown to show in the studio.

Thank you John Emery and Kresta for your patience and support!

LoveLoveLove.  Lana

Sweet Magnolia Sweet Magnolia

Sweet Magnolia


Art & Design

Iskralin is an amazing artist.  She designs rooms, windows and much more.  I met her while working with Colors Of Etnika and when I saw what she has done and her creativeness I ask her to help design some sets for the studio.  As she was walking around the studio the wreath caught her eye and she ask if she could put it in her hair and, of course, my response was “YES!”  As we started the photosession she also noticed all the greenery I had in the corner and pulled it into the set.  Seeing her design a look like this inspired me to grab my tulle fabric and place it over the lense for a soft ethereal look and I underexposed a bit to add to the drama.  In post I added a bit of texture and some grain.

I am really excited and looking forward to seeing what she has designed for the sets in the studio!

ColorsOfEtnika ColorsOfEtnika ColorsOfEtnika ColorsOfEtnika

Colors of Etnika

Colors Of Etnika is a brand with passion for artisan- inspired fashion dedicated to empowering artisans, providing economic opportunities and paying a fair price for their crafts!  Our vision is to improve the quality of life of those involved in the process! Shop Fair, Give Fair and make a difference at home and around the world!  Handmade Jewelry, Ethnic decor, handbags & Art.

It was so much fun getting to work with you Karla.  Thank you for trusting in me to capture your vision for your beautiful fashions.

Karla four

Karla three

Karla five

Karla One Karla two

Voulez Vous Couture

I needed an image I could use as a billboard on the side of my two-story, 100-year old, brick building downtown Tulsa.  It took me a long time to visualize what I wanted; Fashion couture look, wardrobe, location, backdrop, a young lady that I could look at everyday (which is my niece), the composition…this thought process took me a year to plan and put together.  I started with the wardrobe.  Red is my favorite color so a red dress seemed a no brainer.  When you need help who better to call than mom!  I sent several dress ideas to my mom.  Tulle was the look I chose, Soft, elegant, and feminine, 60 yards.    Mom had ideas of her own.  She, literally, hand ruched every few inches and stitched little black beads into the tulle.  The skirt turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined.  Since this I have photographed a 55-year old woman in the same outfit!  Classic!

I originally planned a couple of locations, the woods and the studio, using natural light.  Two days before the shoot I panicked and called my past teacher, friend and cinema videographer Kelly Kerr and ask his thoughts, rooftop and studio he said, I agreed.  Now for the backdrop in the studio.  I wanted white for the red to pop so I created the backdrop using white 12×12 scrapbook paper.  Brittany and I brushed the edges with black paint, scrunched it up and taped it to the backboard.  We did this until 1:00am the night before the shoot.  We used constant daylight balanced lights that Jeff Anderson (photographer friend) brought in to use with the videography.

The black dress you see is four yards of fabric I picked up the day before the shoot and my mom and sister literally wrapped Brittany in it moments before we started shooting.  I loved the texture and elegant look of the fabric.  We took a few in the studio using constant daylight balanced lights before heading to a downtown location.

I was relaxed, energized, anxious and excited all at the same time.  Doing a photoshoot with someone videotaping the whole experience was intimidating, not to mention I was still wearing a cast to my armpit.  This was out of my comfort zone for sure.


Thank you Mom so much for your long hard labor of love.  This experience is one I truly cherish, and I will talk about to anyone who will listen :)

Did I mention to you all that Brittany is my niece!  If I am going to see a 10×20 foot billboard everyday I want it to be someone I love seeing.  Thank you Brittany for supporting your aunt and being such a trooper when I was coaching poses to you, laughing with you, and being bossy!  I love you like you are mine.  Thank you to my sister Mila for all her help in wrapping brittany up in that lovely black gown and for supporting me all the way!  I love you more than eternity!

Thank you Kelly Kerr (Special K) for all your support and seeing my vision come to life.  You are awesome!  And a special thank you to Jeff Anderson who was a machine this day, setting up the videographer, the lights, moving equipment…always there before you had to ask.

Thank you to my friends Melanie Patterson for the beautiful hair.  Thank you Alicia Foster for the fun makeup (and those lashes!).  Watching these girls work was so fun and educational.

I will post a storyboard in the next few weeks to go along with the video, so stay tuned.

LoveLoveLove.  Lana

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

A must see video for all those women who believe they are not beautiful.  Get your tissues!


Voulez Vous Portraits & Old Hollywood Glamour

I’m tickled pink and ready to visit the Philbrook Museum, as George Hurrell’s black & white portraits of old Hollywood beauties, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Carole Lombard, Jean Harlow, to name a few, will be on exhibit until June!!!  Voulez Vous Portraits has been bringing glamour, beauty, and boudoir Portraits back to Tulsa.  You can see the inspiration in the two images below. :)

I get so excited and inspired looking through the images of old hollywood glamour, George Hurrell thank you for your legacy.

Thank you Brian Demint,, for your inspiration and willingness to share.  You have made a glamourous impact on my career :)



A glamour was originally said to be a spell cast by a witch to make somebody see things in a different way.[1]

Late in the 19th century the common meaning shifted to being applied to ordinary objects and jewellery without connotations of supernatural, merely upon the effect that it has on appearance. This is a sense used in this article and to some extent is the way that it was used by the early Hollywood system.

In modern usage glamour is often confused with style or beauty; but they may be considered to be distinct, although glamour may give the appearance of beauty or present as a personal style.

Today, glamour is the impression of attraction or fascination that a particularly luxurious or elegant appearance creates, an impression which is better than the reality. Typically, a person, event, location, technology, or product such as a piece of clothing can be glamorous or add glamour.

Virginia Postrel says that for glamour to be successful nearly always requires sprezzatura – an appearance of effortlessness, and to appear distant – transcending the everyday, to be slightly mysterious and somewhat idealised, but not to the extent it is no longer possible to identify with the person.[1] Glamorous things are neither opaque, hiding all, nor transparent showing everything, but translucent, favourably showing things.[2]

Main article: Glamour photography

Glamour photography is the photographing of a model with the emphasis on the model and the model’s sexuality and allure; with any clothing, fashion, products or environment contained in the image being of minor consideration. Photographers use a combination of cosmetics, lighting and airbrushing techniques to produce the most physically appealing image of the model possible.

Glamour, Beauty, Film Noir

One of my versions of Old Glam


George Hurrell Glam



Portraits and At Any Age for Women

You. Are. Amazing. As. You. Are.!!!  By looking at her you would say, “of course she would have portraits made, she is beautiful & thin.   The truth is for years I have been asking to photograph this beautiful woman and she has always said, “I do not take good pictures and I have to loose weight first.”  She eats healthy, practices yoga, meditates, has a dear heart, loves life, draws, and IS SO MUCH MORE.  Karen called the studio at just before her 57th birthday and said, AS I AM.  Her fears and insecurities she faced and allowed me to capture the beauty I have always seen in her.

I choke up as I write and look at the portraits of Karen and remember how hard of a decision it was for her.  If you ever meet her she will tell you as she told me, “I have NEVER taken pictures that I have been so proud of.”  We created her a 20-page album with 25 images that SHE chose (wish I could share all of them).  Thank you Karen for the blessing you have given me.


Lana at Voulez Vous Boudoir, Tulsa, Oklahoma


Love, Love, Love,